A Scanner The Size of a Ballpoint Pen



Why it’s Cool

Save ink and paper while also sparing your hand from writing cramps with this nifty, pen-shaped gadget. You’ll also look a little bit cooler while using it. This pen sized scanner will easily scan notes, receipts, book excerpts, and more. Scanned notes are stored within its 1GB of built-in memory. That equals up to 1,000 scanned images!

This pen sized scanner also has a microphone and can store voice memos. Its USB plug makes it easy to download scanned images and voice memos to your computer.

Bonus: If you do decide that you need to write a quick note, the scanner also serves as a ballpoint pen.

The Cool Kids

I think this would be a great item for students who need to save a quick snapshot of their notes or pages from a book. I know I could have used this in college! This would also be handy for those who travel for work and need to save receipts for their expense reports. Say goodbye to a wallet full of receipts!

Where to Get Yours

You can purchase the pen-sized scanner from Hammacher Schlemmer.


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