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Kiva is an international non-profit organization who is focused on lending to end poverty and promote opportunities for people around the world. Founded in 2005, the organization offers a wide variety of categories for lending, including loans for women, education, agriculture, livestock, and more.

Kiva is a 501(c)3 U.S. nonprofit fueled by passionate people and is focused on connecting people in all walks of life. They are committed to providing a way to opportunity for people around the world, and their families and communities.

Some facts about KIVA:

  • It’s a loan, not a donation. The focus is on giving help where it is requested and meeting people where they are. KIVA has a 96% repayment rate of all loans.
  • You choose where to make a difference. Anyone in the world may ask for help to achieve their goals – and you can choose a story you would like to be a part of.
  • The goal is to uplift and to be part of the bigger goal for someone’s future.

The organization is making a difference and has a huge impact in changing lives all over the world, with over 3 million borrowers in over 82 countries, with about 1.8 million lenders and over 1.22 billion in loans funded. 81% of its borrowers are women.

Here is the process:

  1. Borrower applies for a loan.
  2. Loan goes through underwriting and approval process.
  3. Loan is posted for lenders to see. They can crowdfund the loan.
  4. Borrower repays the loan.
  5. Lenders use repayments to fund new loans, donate or withdraw the money.

When lending, Kiva gives 100% of provided funds to the borrower, without taking any cuts.

We support the work of Kiva because it represents a system that provides support for anyone, anywhere, under any circumstances. We believe that it represents how entrepreneurs may be recognized around the world and that it shows their commitment to being a part of a person’s opportunity – a value we hold dear. 

If you’re still wondering about lending through Kiva, our own Mike shared his experience lending through the organization. “I enjoy lending to Kiva because it helps empower borrowers to achieve their business and personal goals. Whenever I see that a loan I made has been paid back, I like to think that the borrower was successful in achieving their goals. One of the best parts about lending through Kiva is that when a loan has been paid off it allows me to re-lend that money to a new person.”

Some of the projects Mike has helped fund include renovating a school in Pakistan, financing an irrigation system and a plow for farming in Palestine, and purchasing construction supplies for a home in Tajikistan, among other projects.

Get Involved Today

We support KIVA because we believe in their mission to end poverty through community lending. If you’d like to to be a part of something bigger in someone’s future, set up an account with KIVA today!


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