Be Part of Something Bigger Spotlight: Jake

Jake has won the Be Part of Something Bigger award! Congratulations on your win, Jake.

Jake is a relatively new team member at Supply Chimp, but he is already proving his versatility and indispensability – so much so that he was one of two winners of the Be Part of Something Bigger award this quarter! This core value means a lot to our team because it speaks to the goal of making what we do matter and making the world a better place.


In the short time he has been with us, Jake has already proved his innovation in helping not only his team, but other teams as well. The Maintenance Team has greatly benefited from his innovation in creating an automated vendor tracker.

According to Jake, his main task is the pricing update which includes cost update and cleanups. “I’m assigned to do inventory updates, create process documents and cater fixes from the CS team,” he said. “I optimize the current processes that our team have. The initial purpose is to have a main repository of all vendor information that is not included in Magento – then I decided to have historical data of pricing updates for both the cost and MAP.”

He said his main goal is to “clean the alt vendor SKU up and remove all duplicate SKUs – this way, it would be easier for the team to do pricing updates, which really eats a lot of our time.”

Of working with Supply Chimp, he said, “Aside from working at home, I enjoy what I do from doing pricing updates and cleanups, even creating process documents for our quarterly goals. I love how the management team works. I feel fully supported to do everything that I do and they’re receptive to suggestion and ideas.”

In his free time, Jake loves to travel, eat, watch movies and TV shows, and listen to any kind of music. “I’m thirsty for knowledge in programming, I love reading tutorials online and automating stuff. When I’m free, I just play online games with my friends and play with our dogs.”

Helping Others

Jake’s team lead, Adlin, said, “There is this vendor tracker worksheet that I wanted the team to update and Jake asked permission if he could modify. I told him to feel free to do alterations as we are like that in the Maintenance Team. We welcome changes and innovation. Then he came up with an automated vendor tracker program that looks amazing – information gets generated with a click of a button. The simplicity and ease of the program made it into something that can be used by people outside of our team.

“Jake is active in helping out outside of our team as well, like doing a macro for promo updates and creating an inventories management program that speeds up info updates for inventories and backorders.”

Passion and Motivation

Another teammate, Mikha, said, “I nominated Jake for the award because he always thinks of ways to improve processes and make things easier. Even when he’s busy doing his tasks, he’ll find some time to help others out by creating his magical macros because he knows that it will benefit us now and in the future. I feel that he is very passionate about those types of things so it won’t take him long to figure out a solution!”

Jake has quickly become known for his tenacity and drive here at Supply Chimp. We look forward to continuing to work with him and to see more of what he is capable of!





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