Living Out Our Core Values: Mikhaela


At Supply Chimp, our core values are incredibly important to us. So much so that each quarter, our team nominates one of their fellow teammates who has best exemplified that quarter’s core value.

Mikhaela (known by her co-workers as “Mikha”) was nominated by multiple people, and won the award for her commitment to our Core Value: “Encourage and Promote Innovation”.

Promoting Core Values

We believe that Mikha lives out this core value every day by being a leader in her department and an encourager of progress.

We believe that encouraging and promoting innovation means to strive to be our best at everything we do and to find tangible ways to ignite growth, as well as taking opportunities to seek out new solutions to unlock our full potential for ultimate success.

Mikha is celebrating her one-year anniversary with Supply Chimp this month, and has represented this core value with integrity and persistence throughout her time with us. She graduated college with a degree in Psychology, and she had no experience with macros before working at the company. However, in true innovative form, Mikha taught herself how to become proficient at using macros, and then subsequently taught her team.

“I was so happy when they moved me to lead the external database team,” she said.

“[Macros] helped them with their tasks so that they could finish them faster. With a database, you’re working with a lot of products – this made the process much quicker.”

Mikha felt that there was a more efficient way to accomplish database-related tasks, and developed macros to bring about that improved efficiency to her teammates as well as the tasks at hand.

Her goal is to make things easier for everyone. “I don’t want anyone to have a hard time,” she said. “I want us to be efficient. I [won’t] stop learning – I am inspired to work harder and learn new skills, learn about maintenance and attributes and categories.”

Personality & Teamwork Qualities

Her teammates describe Mikha with warmth and appreciation. Co-worker Adlin says, “She has a bubbly, energetic personality that is especially useful in making conversations alive and fun. She is very helpful and people find her approachable.”

Mikha has several cats, and feeds other cats who come to her home, including this stray.
Mikha poses with a friend.


“With a lot of fighting spirit to boot, she attacks challenges head-on,” Adlin added.

Her co-worker Bee also said, “I know Mikha as someone who loves challenges and is not scared to try anything, even outside of work.”

Bee continued: “We were together having lunch one time, and the food we ordered was garnished with a yellow daisy. The owner of the restaurant said the flower was edible…I asked Mikha to try it instead. She looked at me as if I had said something crazy, but then she got the flower from the plate, put it in her mouth, chewed it and swallowed it without hesitation!”

Representing Our Core Values

Mikha is known for being a competitive, adventurous and compassionate person. Her teammates value her initiative and passion for innovation. We are glad to have Mikha on our team and feel she exemplifies our core value both at work and abroad.

Want to learn more about our core values? Check out our page here!


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