Supply Chimp & Essendant: Partners for Next-Day Delivery


On May 31, members of the Northern California Supply Chimp team traveled to Sacramento to tour the warehouse of Essendant, one of our largest wholesale vendors. Our team was given the opportunity to see how the warehouse, which ships so many of our orders, works on a daily basis from behind the scenes – and learned a lot along the way!

It was an amazing opportunity for our team to experience the inner workings of one of Essendant’s nationwide warehouses. We are a drop shipping company, and our partnership with Essendant is one of those that allows us to offer next-day delivery of products to our customer base.

Why? Essendant works to connect its customers, including distributors, online retailers, and national organizations, with manufacturers nationwide in order to offer over 2 million products. The company receives and ships millions of dollars in merchandise each day, and distributes products like office supplies, janitorial and sanitation supplies, food service products, print and imaging supplies, and industrial supplies, among many others. Our relationship with Essendant is one of the reasons we are able to offer next-day delivery on thousands of products. We were thrilled at this opportunity to see how Essendant’s efficient warehouses make it possible to keep that promise.

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We met with Charles Burke, Director of Operations, who introduced us to Ted Pinnow, Maintenance Manager. From the start, it was clear that we have a lot in common. Charles’ introduction of Ted, designated as our tour guide, immediately revealed his respect and appreciation for the work Ted does. They were both glad to show us their entire system in person, as well as taking the time to explain the details of each workday (the warehouse is “a 24/5 business”, as Charles put it). It was a great start to the day to experience their graciousness and mutual respect. #relationshipsmatter 

Getting to see the system in place, as Charles and Ted guided us around the warehouse, made the process come alive for our team. As the warehouse buzzed with activity, we saw exactly how Essendant’s system of storage, packaging, and loading of shipments demonstrates their care for customers’ orders, while being extremely efficient and green. Ted and Charles also demonstrated a passion for the work done in the warehouse, excited to show us the system and innovation in motion at every stage. #somethingbigger

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It was exciting to see, through this tour, what makes our relationship with Essendant so invaluable. Ted and Charles mentioned and demonstrated throughout the morning how people-oriented they are. We saw this firsthand as they introduced us to almost every person at work that we crossed paths with on the floor – and it blew our minds! Seeing their value and praise of the people at work at all levels in their business showed that they really do appreciate their people. It’s what we value here at Supply Chimp, too, and it was exciting and motivating to see that value in action with our partner. #bepassionate

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The opportunity to personally see the system at work at Essendant after years of working with them was an invaluable experience for our team. We are excited about our relationship with Essendant, and what it means for our customers. If you have any questions, or if you want to know more about our core values, please let us know below!

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