Supply Chimp Tours City of Hope


On June 11, several members of our team had the opportunity to tour City of Hope Duarte, an institute that has become nationally recognized for its groundbreaking research into cancer treatment.

Our team was so honored to have the opportunity to witness first-hand the work being done by City of Hope. Scientists work tirelessly to find cures for life-threatening illnesses in this advanced research and care center. Founded in 1913, City of Hope is now considered one of the leading institutions for cancer research, as well as for its body of research in treating other illnesses such as diabetes and HIV/AIDS. All of the researchers employed at the center have known someone affected by these illnesses, and are dedicated to discovering treatments and healing those in their care.

We were able to see in person how the center is dedicated to providing high-quality care as well as conducting innovative research with proven results. A founding member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, City of Hope also houses the Irell & Manella Graduate School of Biological Sciences, the Center for Biomedicine & Genetics (a manufacturing facility specializing in the production of pharmaceutical-grade materials),  and housing for patients and their caregivers. 

According to Mike, our strategic account manager, the tour gave the team the opportunity to see different sections of the center and learn about some of the work that City of Hope has done in researching cancer and other serious illnesses. One type of treatment that the center has recently developed with high efficacy is a type of cell therapy for killing cancer. “According to our guide, Bridget,” said Mike, “it is similar to “training” cells of a body to destroy cancer.”

The only downside of this treatment is that it is currently very expensive- estimated around $350,000-$400,000 – but the center hopes to make the treatment more accessible eventually. 

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We were also amazed by the center’s research for treating diabetes, when we were allowed to see one laboratory that works on a new treatment where eyelets are used from the pancreas that produce insulin. Even patients who, prior to treatment, suffered low quality of life, were given the new treatment and within a month showed very quick recovery with almost no signs of diabetes. City of Hope continues to explore more options with the hope of improving excellence of care and accessibility to all in need, with a focus on intellectual curiosity. 

Another consideration of City of Hope that we feel demonstrates their compassion in treating and healing patients is in the center’s location. The center features 40 temporary residential housing units for patients and their caregivers, with integrated hospice and palliative care, on 110 acres of campus with plans to expand. We found the campus beautiful and garden-like, a place where patients are able to walk or be escorted. Mike said,”Part of their success is in people being able to go out and walk in the garden, rather than being stuck in a hospital room.” 

We also learned in our tour that every person working and researching at the institute has been touched by cancer or another serious illness in some way, through someone they know. It makes the research more personal and the effects of the treatments developed more real to those who work so hard to improve it, as we were able to see in person. This is part of City of Hope’s mission and values, providing care and service with compassion and integrity. 

We were honored to personally see the work of City of Hope, and we appreciated seeing their commitment and passion as well as a spirit of innovation in every department. We got to see how all the departments interacted together, and the respect among all at work. City of Hope works hard at their goal to beat cancer, and we are proud to support their research and hard work. Here’s how you can, too.


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