Team Supply Chimp Volunteers at Deer Creek Farm


On May 31, members of our Northern California team traveled to Roseville, California to volunteer in a garden at Deer Creek Farm.

Deer Creek Farm is a boutique and garden run by Compassion Planet. The boutique sells a wide variety of gifts with a vintage theme, along with gardening supplies and decorations. Proceeds from all sales, including of flowers, tomatoes and other plants our team came to help cultivate, go to Compassion Planet’s non-profit project.

This project’s goal is to mentor, provide basic life skills, train and employ at-risk and aged-out foster youth over the age of 18 in the Sacramento area. According to co-founder Scott Flanagan, about 60% of foster youth over the age of 18 are at risk of becoming homeless, dependent on drugs or involved in human trafficking. The project aims to provide these young adults with work experience and the chance to have a strong support network of mentors and friends – a “forever family” as Flanagan calls it – in a positive, goal-oriented environment.

Our team listened to co-founder Scott Flanagan, as he explained the mission of Compassion Planet and the work done by Deer Creek Farm.

To help out, our team rolled up their sleeves and joined the shop’s volunteers in the garden, shoveling fresh soil and weeding out plant beds to make fresh new homes for growing plants.

Some Chimps also performed tasks like painting planters, trimming tree branches, and gathering clippings.

By the end of the day, thanks to all involved, the plants had freshly weeded beds with new soil and plenty of room to grow and flourish!

The finished garden, after several hours of work.
Our team of Chimps had a successful day helping out in the garden!

Our team was grateful for the opportunity to work with the team at Deer Creek Farm to improve the garden for a very important cause. As always, we look forward to serving days (especially as a team!) for the opportunity to be part of something bigger, and because we believe that relationships matter! If you would also like to become involved with this project as a volunteer or donator, please check out their donor page.


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